AUTUMN WINTER 18 Independence

Shantanu & Nikhil commences its initiation into the world of Progressive India with nuances from the rich heritage of India and eclectic resonances of what India is today. This Fall, we unite the sartorial patriotic chic values with the Neo language of freedom through our A/W 18 Couture Collection "Independence"

"Independence is not a genre. It is not an act, it is a feeling and a way of being true to oneself"

Independence derives its inspiration from the three most luxurious forms of freedom; Freedom to Choose, Freedom to Live and Freedom to call oneself Proud Citizens. Intelligent re-appropriation of The New India Anti-Trend virtues leads you to a Neo-Couture Path of sartorial shapes, narrative details and contemporary beliefs. This season S&N revisit the intellectual textures and tones through pinstripes and palettes like deep purple, abyss green and splashes of colour from the contemporary movement of millennials, through accents of orange, aerosol blue and paint yellow. Rooting itself to the Freedom of thought, opinion, gender, history, caste and culture, this collection bears the beliefs of Modern India upon the shoulders of all individuals depicting shackles of the past as redundant structures

This S&N story carries forward a rather liberated vintage gusto with significant vibrations of futuristic cultures and societies. Independence is our continued portrayal of the juxtaposition that India is, where the roots are indeed modern yet cultural, exotic yet familiar and unassertive yet proud


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