Recruit SS’19 collection by Shantanu & Nikhil takes you on an empowering journey of the culmination of modern authority in the contemporary Indian framework of beliefs. This season the designer-duo highlights the evolution that has led to the emancipation of the Millennial Indian woman, feelings that commence from the nostalgia of the Independence era.
Women of will, strength and self-assured sanction stand tall and rise to create a society through Couture that is guarded from any stereotypical and redundant notions of gender binaries. Women today stand at a position of grave power and have stirred various rebellious stances that evoke change and are yet sustained hence magnifying the splendor of feminine grandiose carving a path for future generations. The Recruit amplifies the same effect with connotations of Avant Garde silhouettes, by using a vibrant hue of Red that positions vigour and glamour, structured and over-sized shoulders and a mystic perspective on Military authority.
The ensembles carry forward the S&N Anti-Trend phenomenon through powerful silhouettes that have been reworked into exaggerated drapes with dramatic mesh overlays over our edgy take on traditional skirts, oversized capes accessorized with eclectic medallion adornments, silk tassels and intricate gold embroidery. Layering the nostalgic shapes and structures of yore with sharp and contemporary fabrications makes way for rather revolutionary couture. This season for Shantanu & Nikhil Black, Gold and Scarlet Red will communicate the India Story of millennial women.
Women of The Recruit stand for the Final Salute of adherence and blur any structured lines that tolerate feminine injustice of any sort. She upholds her dignity and forwards authority to her counterparts with full gusto and grandiose!

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